Resolve to pay more homage to your Dictator!

December 31, 2008

Peons! On this the last day of the year of the rat, I expect you are busy planning how you can better serve Me in the coming year of the ox. Some minions have hinted that they might be sending me a real ox. Citizens, *do not* send the Dictator and President-for-Life a real ox. Although She is Shining and Mighty, bringing gladness, terror and awe wherever She treads and eager to welcome all the many ways Her citizens praise Her, the Dictator does not care for livestock. She also has nowhere to keep it. No, a more appropriate way to give thanks for My Blinding Light would be to join My guerilla troops and freedom fighters. This year, give your Dictator the gift of world domination. The more citizens I have to rule fiercely over, the less likely I am to give attention to your careless mistakes and the more likely you and your head are to remain connected.


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