March 23, 2009

Oh citizens, the end of the year is upon us. So many of you think of December as the year end, but in fact, you are wrong. This is why you need Me, peons. I am here to tell you which way is up. And up in this case is March. Or rather the end of.

And the end of March is a time dreaded and celebrated, the end of the fiscal year in some parts of the world. This year end period is the perfect time to clear up old accounts, starts new business and of course, move house. Or in the case of Your Beloved Supernova, move country.

As many of you know, the Independent Republic of Josi stays below the international radar by carving out territory within more established countries, such as Canada or Japan. But the world keeps turning, the treaties that allow this kind of squatting expire and Your Shining Light is forced to seek new allies and new territory.

Thus, the Palace of Slinkster Dancing is filled with boxes as minions work hard under My unforgiving whip to fill them with My many precious instruments of torture. My minions are hard at work to ensure a smooth transition for you, dear citizens. You may be surprised to wake up in a new landscape one day soon, but fear not, your Glorious Quasar has things under control. I am only looking out for your best interests, peons.


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