Case Study

September 12, 2009

Free-willed Individual to Dictator’s Mental Slave

DAY 1: Subject arrives. A forced arrival, but an arrival nonetheless. Subject is female, in good health, age 32, height 165 cm, weight 55 kg. In the interests of the experiment, to completely remove subject’s attachment to former life, will refer to Subject as Clock. Subject protests violently and must be restrained when informed of new name. Seems to have quite a lively personality, erasing it will be a challenge.
2100h: Clock demands to be released, makes veiled threats of legal action. Does not seem to realize that participation is not voluntary. Clock’s strong character will make the experiment more interesting. Brain cleansing begins tomorrow 0800h.

DAY 2: Clock is extremely grumpy at being awakened at such an early hour. Informs us that previous lifestyle was infinitely more laid back. Receives a slap. The process has begun.
Clock is taken to deprivation chamber. This specially designed room contains no windows or visible doors. The walls have been painted white. We observe our subject via hidden cameras and electrodes attached to the skin. No contact with Clock will occur. Meals are to be served irregularly and there will be no sleep periods. A robot has been constructed for the purpose of faceless punishment. She will remain here for the next 48 hours as we attempt to remove previous conditioning. In order for this experiment to succeed, we must start with a clean slate.
Deprivation Stage 1 0800h: Temperature in chamber is lowered to 13 degrees, sustainable, but uncomfortable. Get coffee and sweet pastries while waiting for Clock to adjust.
1000h: Introduce rain, lower temperature to 8 degrees. Clock shouts and pounds walls. Still seems to be unaware of the nature of the project. Reduce temperature further. Note chills and frantic arm rubbing. We’re on the right track here, I feel sure of it.
1145h: Rain becomes snow, temperature is further lowered to 0 degrees. Clock still yells and pounds, but with noticeably less energy. She will tire. Next feeding is not for another five hours.
1240h: Clock sits, huddled in the corner. The cold seems to be taking effect. Lower temp. again. Must watch carefully at current temp., subject death will not help project.
1330h: Clock loses consciousness, temperature is raised in order to maintain life. Change feeding schedule. Next feeding: 1h.
1430h: Use fire alarm bells hidden in the chamber to awaken Clock.  Jumps to her feet, immediately falls down. Debate withholding meal in order to prolong weakness, but it is still early. Must not to push too hard too fast. Meal is served by the robot. Robot stands next to Clock while she quickly pushes food into her mouth and zaps her with a cattle prod at random intervals. She stops eating, obviously attempting to end the punishment. Is zapped again. Uncertainty in the subject at this stage is crucial. She must realize that she has no power over her own fate.
1500h-2100h: Observation only. No interference with Clock at all during this time. She becomes frantic, starts screaming, feels around the walls, obviously searching for some weakness, some escape. Eventually stops screaming, curls up in a ball on the floor, falls asleep.
2100h: Send in robot to awaken Clock. She must not be allowed to sleep at this point. Robot punches her into wakefulness.
2230h, 2320h: Again, the robot must be used to wake the subject up, this time with kicks. Clock’s eyes are bloodshot and dart nervously around the room. Paranoia is setting in.

DAY 3: Food is delivered. Clock is on a sugar diet, nothing but fruit and cookies. This will enhance the separation from reality. Although the robot is not present during this feeding, subject is wary. Nervously eyeing her surroundings as she shoves food into her mouth.
0130h: Robot is sent in to maintain position during the night. Any attempt to sleep will be disturbed through the use of electric shocks and physical punishment. I head off to get some dinner and then take a nap.
0730h: Clock is clearly worse for the wear. Bruises on her body and logs from the night indicate frequent beatings from the robot. Behaviour is erratic, jumps at even perceived movement from the robot.
0825h: Clock passes out and the beatings from the robot do not awaken her. Heart rate is extremely slow. Seems that we’ve held out on the food for too long. Bring the robot out and place food on the floor, shock subject repeatedly and she wakes up, sees food and devours it with obvious anxiety. Close.
0930h: More food. Just to really throw her off.
0950h: Falls into a normal sleep, send robot in to wake her. Interesting development, Clock attempts to fight back. Punches the robot. But is too weak and does no damage. Extra harsh punishment from the robot. Clock cowers, begs robot not to hurt her. I think she won’t try to fight again.
1245h: Have been forced to beat Clock into wakefulness several times. Turn on the sound system. For this last part of the deprivation stage, she will hear the robot telling her, “You are Clock”. It’s time to start pushing a new identity on her.
1310h: Subject begins to scream, attempts to block out the robot’s voice by covering ears. Increase volume.
1335h: Notice some pre-frostbite conditions in extremities. Raise temperature to compensate.
1400h: Food. Clock crawls towards the tray, extremely weak. No random punishment from the robot during this feeding. The robot’s voice is enough.
1640h: Despite beatings from the robot, Clock’s eyes have been slipping shut more and more frequently. Appears to be giving up. No longer screams or begs to be let out. Can we proceed with the next stage? Better to give it a couple more hours.
1820h: Send robot in. Robot asks Clock, “Who are you?” Clock answers with given name. Severe beating follows. Robot asks again, Clock repeats given name. Severe beating follows. Clock falls unconscious. Is awakened with the cattle prod. Questioned again. Answers, “Clock” Is rewarded with food. Progress.
1920h: Repeat question process. This time, she answers correctly right away. Clever girl. Now, we must make her believe it. Again, rewarded with food.
2020h: Question process. Correct answer. Food reward.
2120h: Question. Answer. Food.
2220h: Question. Answer. No food. We must continue to remove the rug from under her. She cannot be allowed to believe that she has any control over the situation.
2315h: Success! The anticipation of the question appears to have prompted Clock to cry out over and over, “I am Clock!” Food reward, larger than usual. We must encourage this behaviour.
DAY 4 0020h-0700h: Clock has become the clock we were hoping for. Every hour, shouts out her new name. We can move on to the next stage.
0730h: Clock is led out of the deprivation chamber by the robot. We still want to keep her isolated from any human contact until the process is complete.
Sleep therapy Stage 2 0800h: Robot leads a sobbing Clock into the sleep chamber. At the sight of the bed, breaks down completely, must be supported by the robot. Upon being laid on the bed, throws arms around the robot, hugs it firmly. Robot releases electric charge. She cannot be allowed to feel comfortable in any way. For the next two weeks, we will keep Clock asleep for 24 hours a day, using a variety of drugs, waking her two to three times a week for electroshock therapy and programming. After the effect of the robot’s shock wears off, Clock falls asleep.
0830h: Nurse is sent in to administer first of drug injections. We will continue the injections on the hour, being careful not to cause an overdose. After so much progress, we are reluctant to lose Clock.
1930h: Strap a sleeping Clock into the electroshock chair, turn on the juice. Watch her convulse violently for a minute or two, turn off the power. Clock is clearly frantic, unable to move at all and awake for the first time in almost 24 hours, she is bewildered. We start the propaganda movie. For 20 minutes, she watches scenes of the Dictator’s glory. The nurse then comes from behind, so that she remains unseen to Clock and puts our subject back to sleep.
DAY 5 0800h: Repeat awakening process, show the propaganda once more. Clock is still frantic at her awakening, but seems to be somewhat calmed by the familiar movie. Heart rate slows upon seeing the Dictator’s glorious face. Is returned to sleep.
DAY 7 1530h: Shock Clock awake, show movie. The calming effect is more pronounced, heart rate slows noticeably, pupils dilate, muscles relax. Show a second movie, focusing on the loving side of our Fearless Leader. Clock smiles! We’re really getting somewhere.
DAY 10 0900h: Shock Clock awake, then remove the restraints, using the robot. Clock can see the robot remove the restraints, yet she does not attempt to move. Remains staring ahead, seems to be waiting for the movies. When the movies are started, she smiles again and at the end of the second film,  applauds. The robot asks her, “Who are you?” Her response is immediate, “I am Clock.” Brain patterns indicate she is telling the truth. During the next wake period, we will ask about her former name, who that person is. If we see any indication of memory of that name, then we must continue the sleep therapy. But if not, our work will be finished and she will be able to enter the assassination training.
DAY 12 2020h: Get her up and into the chair, wake her up, again remove the restraints. The robot asks if she would like to leave. She shakes her head, utters the word “Movie”. When we do not start the movie immediately, her face falls and she says, “Please”. We start the propaganda films and her delight is obvious. Her whole face lights up and several times, she claps with child-like glee. She is again asked who she is and her response does not change. The robot asks about her former name and she is clearly confused. “I don’t know.” The lie detector indicates she is telling the truth. Success!
Brain cleansing and identity programming complete, we turn the subject over to the training team. She will now be trained in a wide variety of weapons use and fighting techniques, but our job ends when we hand her over to the Weapons Master. Another perfect servant of our Beloved Dictator has been created! The Cleansing Team go out for drinks to celebrate and congratulate ourselves on a job well done.


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